Salado History

Salado, Texas is a beautiful, historic village on Salado Creek, just east of Interstate 35 between Waco and Austin.

Robert E. Lee, George Custer, the Jesse James Brothers, Sam Houston and many others have crossed the Salado Creek and added a little bit of legend to this beautiful jewel of a town.

Much of the Salado’s history involves Salado Creek, a beautiful, clear water stream running through the center of the village.

The Salado Creek was designated as the first Historic Landmark in Texas in 1966.

Native Americans inhabited the Salado area as far back as 10,000 years ago.   Ancient tribes made Salado Creek a living area through the mid-1800s.

Walking in the knee high water in Salado Creek, one can still find Paleolithic stone tools on the banks. 


Salado, Stop on the Chisholm Trail

One of the major events after the Civil War was the growth of the cattle industry in Texas.

The old Chisholm Trail actually runs through Salado and there are many stories of the cattle drives where tens of thousands of cattle were driven through Salado on their way to the Kansas railroad terminals.

To this day there are wagon tracks in parts of Salado Creek.  Take a walk in the cool, creek waters and you will find them.


Chisholm Trail Wagon Tracks

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