Argentium Silver Hoop Earrings with Beaded Accent Inside and Out

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Crafted in Argentium silver these classically styled hoop earrings have a contemporary twist.  The granulation or tiny balls are fused onto the outside and inside the hoop.  The granulation on the back end of the earring are visible.   They are lightweight so they will not stretch or pull your earlobe.   

The French loop styled ear wires are a Chisholm Trail Design and are hand forged in Argentium silver offers anti tarnish properties.  Argentium is one of our favorite silver metals. Argentium contains more pure silver (93.5%) than traditional sterling silver which has (92.5%) pure silver. Therefore it is a higher karat silver. It is naturally brighter and whiter in color than any other precious metal. In low sodium atmospheres Argentium is tarnish resistant. Argentium is 100% nickel free so it’s hypoallergenic and can be worn by many people who can’t wear traditional sterling silver due to allergies. Argentium is also 100% recycled silver. Argentium silver offers anti tarnish properties.  Many wearers of argentium report no allergic reaction.  Argentium silver contains 9.35% silver and metalloid germanium.

  • Measures 2 inches in diameter
  • Fabricated in Argentium silver (.935)
  • Ear wire style:  Argentium silver post
  • Hand forged in our studio
  • Antique patina
  • Made in the USA