Chisholm Trail Designs Gives Back - Blessing's Story

Chisholm Trail Designs has a huge heart for animal rescue of all types.  We would like to you meet our rescue Blessing! 

This beautiful girl has not had the beautiful life she deserves – until now.

Blessing is a rescue.  She wasn’t abandoned in a field.  She lived in a pretty nice barn with lots of other horses.  They were maintained, properly fed and had proper veterinary care. 

Just not Blessing.

Blessing’s halter had never been changed.  Her skin grew over it.  Her face and neck were open gashes.  People let her live like this, her pain and misery obvious to anyone.

Then Habitat for Horses intervened. They took Blessing away. 

They raised money from people like you, who support Chisholm Trail Designs through your purchases. Chisholm Trail Designs paid for much of Blessing’s rehab.

Now look at her!  She loves life.  She lives on a beautiful Houston area habitat with fresh air, great grazing, vet care and some horse-loving young ladies who care for her.

Chisholm Trail Designs donates 10% of its revenue to animal rescue – from nice people, like you!

Photo of Blessing, an adopted horse


Habitat for Horses

Habitat for Horses rescues and rehabilitates abused horses.  They run an adoption program to find loving, caring homes for them, and provide a sanctuary where these animals can recover from their abuse.