Our Creation Process

Our Creation Process . . .

Each piece of jewelry begins with a flash of an idea, a calm moment in time when the brain wanders.  The idea begins to take shape and perhaps even the final design becomes clear and ready to be created.  Rarely the latter, most ideas are a series of sketches very rough, but they generate a spark that expands the idea.  Detours are taken during this process but all paths lead to the final design.

initial design of bracelet

Materials needed for the design will be sourced.  Turquoise is one of our favorite stones and is used most often in our designs.  The beauty of this stone is derived from its color and matrixing.  Argentium and fine silver are chosen more frequently than sterling.  The hypoallergenic qualities of Argentium silver and the act of fusing the Argentium instead of soldering provides a more tarnish resistant final product.

Deciding on the materials

Assembly of the materials begins at the jeweler's bench.  Manipulating the materials is a slow and painstaking process.  Sawing, hammering, sanding, bending, fusing, are all required.  

Assembling bracelet
Assembling Bracelet

Once the materials are securely in place, polishing of the piece is done in a series of steps.  Each step removes scratches and/or abrasions and brings a luster to the metal.  The last step before the final polish is setting the stones.  

Finished product - bracelet