Argentium Silver Beaded Cross Cuff Bracelet

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Created with love this Beaded Cross Cuff bracelet is handmade in Argentium silver (.935).  A stylized Latin cross runs the length of this cuff with a beaded accent center, square wire rails on either side of the beaded cross and, hammered texture throughout.

The cuff fits comfortably on a wrist that measures 6 and 1/2 inches over the wrist bone.

This is a one of kind and can not be duplicated.

Argentium is one of our favorite silver metals. Argentium contains more pure silver (93.5%) than traditional sterling silver which has (92.5%) pure silver. Therefore it is a higher karat silver. It is naturally brighter and whiter in color than any other precious metal. In low sodium atmospheres Argentium is tarnish resistant. Argentium is 100% nickel free so it’s hypoallergenic and can be worn by many people who can’t wear traditional sterling silver due to allergies. Argentium is also 100% recycled silver.


  • Argentium silver, (.935) cuff bracelet
  • Argentium band measures 1.25" wide and 6" wide
  • Made in our studio along the historic Chisholm Trail.