Why You Need to Learn About Argentium Silver!

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Why You Need to Learn About Argentium Silver!

Why You Need To Learn About Argentium Silver!

Argentium silver jewelry has characteristics you need to know about.

It hardly ever needs polishing.  It has a special luster and if you have any silver allergies, you are probably going to love Argentium.

A decade ago, I while taking jewelry design classes, I was introduced to this high karat silver.  From a design and construction perspective, I was amazed how easy it was to manipulate and how clean it remained during all the steps of construction.


What is Argentium and how does it differ from sterling silver?

It’s all about purity – how much silver, how much alloy.

Sterling is 92.5% fine silver and 7.5% other alloys (copper mostly). 

Argentium is 94.0% fine silver and 6% other alloys (primarily germanium).

This increased amount of fine silver and the replacement of copper provides numerous benefits to you, the wearer.

Argentium gives you:

  • Durability, stronger than .925 sterling silver and thus more scratch resistant.
  • More fine silver - it has a brighter and shinier appearance and does not require plating.
  • Plating is not environmentally friendly. Ugh!
  • Tarnish resistance. Argentium products are a low maintenance silver, very little cleaning!
  • Hypoallergenic! Yes, it is more wearable for those who cannot wear traditional sterling silver.  The greater amount of fine silver helps its antibacterial properties.

We specialize in Argentium silver products – because Argentium is the best silver.

We love making special jewelry, for our special ladies, and we think you will feel special wearing and telling your friends about your Argentium, Chisholm Trail Designs jewelry.