Blue Opal Stone with Mother of Pearl Cabochon Dangle Earrings set in Argentium Silver

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 These Blue Opal stones are actually petrified wood and we have set them in Argentium silver with Mother of Pearl cabochon.  The Mother of Pearl bookends the white found a the bottom of the stone and the cabochon at the top highlighting the variety of blues through out the opal. 

At Chisholm Trail Designs we have set these beautiful stones in Argentium silver.  We choose Argentium because of its bright silver color and because it is hypoallergenic.  So if you have sensitive to other silver metals this might be perfect for you.  Another with Argentium's hypoallergenic qualities it is made from recycled silver and is more tarnish resistant than traditional sterling silver.


  • Argentium silver (.935)
  • Blue Opal and Mother of Pearl Cabochons
  • Handmade Argentium ear wires, made in our studio
  • Measures: 2" long x .75" wide
  • Made in our studio along the historic Chisholm Trail